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2 YEARS Today!

July 6, 2014

WOW, it was 2 years ago today that I received my brother’s stem cells and yes, it seems like a long time ago. I’ve stopped counting my September birthdays but my July transplant birthday is a horse of a different color. By now I thought I’d be back at work but not so. I’m still on medications for GVHD so I need to keep my distance from sick people. The meds are doing their job and I feel good. So, for now I’ll enjoy the beauty of Santa Cruz in the summer, playing music, working with our BMT support group, spending time with my family and I’ll just keep moving forward.
Best to All


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  1. Alexis permalink

    Whoo hoo! Go uncle jimmy! You sound like you are doing an amazing job staying positive.

  2. Mike Leslie permalink

    Dante and I are so happy to hear of your progress, Jim!! I know you probably wish you were also back at work, but it is so great to hear you are enjoying yourself, are feeling good, and are enjoying the pleasures life has to offer! We continue wishing you all the best and hope to see you sometime soon.

    –Mike and Dante

  3. Dan Scharlin permalink

    Wonderful moment. May there continue to be many, many more like this one.

  4. julie dresner permalink

    Happy birthday– here’s to many more

  5. Polly Monson permalink

    Dear Jim, I am so glad you CAN be in Santa Cruz (Soquel) and play your music… I hope to jam with you again soon. Sending you big hugs, Polly

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  6. Chip Goldeen permalink


    Even though I definitely miss you as my doctor, take advantage of your time off with this great weather and doing the fun things you never had time to do before! Stay strong.


  7. Esther Levandoski permalink

    Congrats. Jimmy on a healthy you!

  8. Gwynn Thoma permalink

    Congrats to you. We went for our physicals last month. It’s just not the same without you!! But we are happy you are doing well. Wishing you the very best
    Lee and Gwynn

  9. permalink

    Hey, Jimbo!

    Congratulations!  You have born this trial with incredible grace and forebearance. We admire you and love you and Claire.

    p.s. Have mercy on Claire ( and ultimately yourself) and wear your mask when working in the garden!!!!!

    Sun-Ah and Charlie

  10. Larry and Diane Levin permalink

    Mazel Tov! Larry and Diane

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