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1 year, it’s my birthday

July 6, 2013

July 6, 1 year ago, was when I received my brother’s stem cells.  The old cliche, “doesn’t time fly” is all so true.  So I’m celebrating my other birthday with a toast to my good fortune, to life, and to all my other transplant kin that I think about daily.  1 year is a big milestone and I think I’ve come through this with a minimum of GVH or any other significant problems.  Of course, I’ve eliminated a lot of the bad stuff from my memory.  I’ll spend the next year getting vaccines, tapering my immune suppressant medications, and hopefully developing a competent immune system.

I feel pretty good except for a slight blip that has nothing to do with the transplant.  I fell from my ladder and broke 2 ribs about 9 days ago.  It’s only pain, no long term problems.  My energy is good and I’m looking forward to some traveling, being a grandparent, and enjoying life.



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  1. alexis permalink

    happy birthday uncle jimmy ! 🙂 🙂

  2. Julie Dresner permalink

    Happy birthday- may you celebrate many more. My donor Michelle is coming to visit on Wed. I cant wait to see her

  3. loren permalink

    Happy umbilical detachment day.
    Ladder ouch!

  4. Nancy permalink

    Hi Jim, We are so happy that things are going well and your getting better.
    Happy Birthday
    Don and Nancy Daves

  5. Dante brown permalink

    Happy birthday and congratulations to Sammy and his wife, and you and Claire too! So many milestones, very wonderful. We hope your ribs heal speedily too. Mike and Dante

  6. Brent permalink

    CONGRATS!! A tough road, but obviously no hill for a climber. Now, stay away from barking dogs, black cats, 7th Day Adventis, and ladders.

  7. Ann S. permalink

    Happy Birthday, doc. It’s been a remarkable year.

    Ladder, really?


  8. Vince & Jean permalink

    You could have made it more exciting Jim. How about (there I was snowboarding down K2 when). Happy birthday from the Hood Canal gang.
    Vince & Jean

  9. Vince & Jean permalink

    You could have made the fall more exciting Jim. How about (there I was snowboarding down K2 when). Happy birthday from Hood Canal.
    Vince & Jean

  10. Dan Scharlin permalink

    Mozel Tov. Happy double birthday.

  11. Chip Goldeen permalink

    Congratulations on your very deserved milestone!

    What’s up with our Giants? Hopefully they can start winning again. Stay Strong.


  12. Bob Smith permalink

    Happy birthday, doc.

    Bob Smith

  13. Esther Levandoski permalink

    So glad you are doing so well!

  14. Holly Bengtson permalink

    I AM GOING TO TAKE ALL TOOLS AND LADDERS AWAY!!!!! Now go sit in your padded cell with a nice book!!!! When I was about a yr out I went for a bike ride w my son, Jake. He stopped in front of me and instead of just putting my foot down, I just fell over bike to pavement and proceeded to get a fever for 6 wks….. So count me in as your transplant kin!! I won’t tell Dr O – ha – and I’m still laughing about the picture in my head of you tackling her when we saw her eating a hot dog!! Hahahaha. You are THE BEST!!! Love/miss u! Your kin, Holly

    Sent from my iPad

  15. Holly Bengtson permalink

    P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 is the biggest

    Sent from my iPad

  16. bob engelman permalink

    add line to end: and helping myyoung brother out (#3) and being extra good to him!

  17. permalink

    Jim, Good to hear from you. I have been thinking about you. We went through six weeks of being out of town several times or being involved with special events in town and now things have settled down. I will call you. Happy Birthday! Larry

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