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Almost 1 year

June 25, 2013

We just finished our 4 week road trip.  After spending a glorious week in Chicago, we proceeded to Avon near Indianapolis to see our newly wedded son and his wife.  During dinner, we found out that we’re to be grandparents.


Sam and Meg standing in front of the entrance to Cook Medical Supply in Bloomington IN where he works.  After a wonderful visit with them we spent the rest of the time meandering back home.  First to Galena, a mid 1850 town on the Mississippi.


This is the original painting of Lee surrendering to Grant that we all saw in junior high school.  I’m surrendering to Claire.  Then we went to Badlands South Dakota


due to the unusually high rainfall, there was lots of green.  We then drove to Mt Rushmore.  Up close and personal, this monument is really something to behold.


About an hour away is Devil’s Tower, truly a close encounter.


It took a day to drive to Yellowstone across the plains on Hwy 90.  Due to the unusually wet spring, everything was a deep, rich, beautiful lush green and it seemed like we could see forever.  Being so flat and clear, our vista reached to the end of the horizon.  The prairie grasses were about 2 feet tall with ends of golden brown tassels that wiped in the wind.  The sunlight shimmered reflecting hues of greens and golds.  It was a living breathing Van Gough “Wheat Field” to the nth degree.  I was so present, so there, so transfixed in the moment.  I loved it.


Yellowstone is great with all the wildlife, waterfalls, and Old Faithful but full of people.


But there are a variety of hot springs and geysers


Then to the Grand Tetons.  We did a 6 hour high alpine hike about 9,000 feet high which was amazing.

DSCN1673 DSCN1679

That is a place I’m going back to.

Then to Crater of the Moon in Southern Idaho.  It’s a volcanic lava flow like Kilauea Hawaii with very cool caves.

DSCN1802 DSCN1779

I’m feeling good and looking forward to July 6, my 1 year transplant aniversary.  I count my blessings nightly


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  1. Chip Goldeen permalink

    Looks pretty cool. Congratulations on the news of a new baby! Stay strong.


  2. Steve Robbins permalink

    So happy for you and your family. A grand baby on the way and your health improving so well. Congratulations!

  3. Esther Levandoski permalink

    Beautiful pictures. Great to see you both and spend some time with you. Congrats again on the upcoming grandchild and your year anniversary.

  4. Lorna permalink

    Wonderful to see these photos of your trip. I can feel you soaking in the love of your family and the beauty of the earth, with time and perspective to appreciate all the blessings in your life. What a lovely way for you and Claire to celebrate this upcoming anniversary of your rebirth and a your next life passage: becoming grandparents!

  5. Dan Scharlin permalink

    Jim, you look terrific. So nice to see you so well. Mazel Tov on becoming grand parents. Maybe one year you will come to week II at Humboldt.

  6. Jimmie Wood permalink

    I think y’all are GRANDER then them Tetons!


    Jimmie & Laura

  7. permalink

    Great pictures!  We are so happy you are doing so well  !!

     Best Regards,

    Annie and Dick Staniford

  8. susan garfield permalink

    Congratulations. You are going to love being grandparents. And it’s perfect now that you’re retired. Same sort of thing happened to me. I had one part time job left in me after Joseph (now almost five) was born. I call it good timing. What a trip. The Tetons. I was drooling. And the picture of Grant and Lee. You are lucky that you are such good travel partners. And quit calling on Monday nights. Don’t you know yet that we’re playing Mah Jong? Only 3 or 4 years!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  9. Vicki Melendy permalink

    Jim, we count our blessing nightly too, that you are about to celebrate your 1 yr transplantaversary!

    Great news on Sam and Meg! Thanks so much for keeping us posted with the news and fantastic pictures.

  10. Patsy & Howard Benfield permalink

    Aloha Dr.E & Claire, Amazing pictures. You are becoming quite the photographer. Such splendor to behold and your timing to view all these sights is perfect. Now Claire needs to capture there rapture in a quilt……a rainbow of colors. Were the nights just as spectacular? I have great memories of the beautiful night skies in Colorado & shooting stars when I was growing up. (I was 10 or 11 at the time). We are so fortunate to live in such a wonderous country. CONGRATS to you &
    the expectant parents. Howard & I are so thrilled for you all. Babies are such a blessing. Also want
    to congratulate you on year one. We are supporting the Relay for Life at Cabrillo in July and have
    dedicated a luminaire in your honor!!!!!!!!! You will have to come out & try to find it on the evening
    of July 13th……… our love to you both………….XXXXX Howie & Patsy

  11. permalink

    Thanks for the pictures and the commentary! We are so glad you and Claire could take this wonderful trip and visit with your son and his wife!! You look great!! We have been to the Crater of the Moon and it is something else! I especially like the handshake in front of the painting! Making history come alive is what it is all about!

    Tim and I spent a few days at Tassajara in early June. We are off to the Big Island at the end of July! Susan and Buzz are about to embark on a tour of the area around the Danube. I guess they will do some land sight seeing as well as by boat because of the flooding.

    I am still available to play piano (informally) for some flute and piano duets. A friend, Laura Dallas, plays flute at our church in Corralitos. She is part of a flute choir. Her new flute sidekick is an alto flute. Her husband, Dale, is a physician and she is a retired clinical psychologist. They moved to the Bonny Doon area from north of San Francisco a couple of years ago. He remodeled their house! Very interesting couple!

    Hope to see you and Claire soon! Dinner at Café Sparrow would be a nice outing.

    Betsy and Tim

  12. Loren permalink

    Better than holding your own; grandparents; a lovely trip! Looking to see you soon. Wk 3, here I come. All good wishes, Loren

  13. Linda Bobbitt permalink

    What a wonderful trip. It is really beautiful country out there and we saw it about five years ago. It is truly amazing what is in our own back yard. Glad you are getting better day by day. We sure miss you but it looks like from what I have read that you are now retired. Is this for good or just until you get back to 100 percent. Congratulations on becoming grand parents soon. There is nothing like it. You can spoil them rotten and give them back. hahahaha Well hope to hear from you soon. All our love Dennis and Linda

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