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Almost 11 months, time flies

June 4, 2013

I’m happy to say I feel good and that my energy and endurance are picking up.  My pill box isn’t nearly as full as it was and I’m tapering off my Sirolimus, one of the immune suppressant meds.  This process is very slow, decreasing 1 pill every 2 months.  After the Sirolimus is the Tacrolimus.

So, we decided to take a road trip.  A photo perspective.

Driving Hwy 80 in Nevada

Driving on Hwy 80 through the salt flats of Utah


Flaming Gorge between Utah and Wyoming


“Sue” the largest T Rex in the world at the Field Natural History Museum in Chicago



The largest Tiffany stain glass dome.  The Chicago Cultural Center


Architectural River Tour on the Chicago river.  Chicago is an amazing city.


Greetings from Chicago.  More to see and do in Chicago before moving on to visit our son Sam and his new bride outside Indianapolis. Then we return home meandering through Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Crater of the Moon.  I feel very blessed


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  1. Esther Levandoski permalink

    Have fun. And remember you are also stopping in Tahoe!

  2. linda permalink

    Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I will be spending some time there this summer visiting friends. Then traveling to Indy to visit my mother and family. Where does your son live? My sister is a Realtor there–So happy that you are continuing to get better and better. 😀 Wish we lived closer to play duets . I have one more year of teaching and then I am retiring.

  3. Randy Danto permalink

    I love your pictures from your journey cross-country. I”m so glad you are enjoying Chicago. We love visiting there. Have a great time meandering back! It’s great to be able to do that! Happy for you!!

  4. Chip Goldeen permalink

    Have a great trip!


  5. Ann S. permalink

    You guys look wonderful. Enjoy the trip (but stay away from bad weather!) Ann.

  6. susan garfield permalink

    I love Chicago and I love you guys. So good to see you two at Peters. Wow all these years having dinner together. Can you believe it? It must mean something. xoxo

  7. laura s maslon permalink

    Wonderful photos, happy to see you both looking so well. Jim and I send our love, laura

    Laura S Maslon 310-913-5746 cell 310-822-9575 home

  8. Betsy Walsh permalink

    Yeah! What a great trip and great pictures! There is so much to see and do in this beautiful country! So glad you are getting to travel. Tim and I are headed to Tassajara for a couple of days. A peaceful place.

  9. Charlie Young permalink

    Can’t beat a road trip enjoying each other’s company. Neat pics!

  10. alexis permalink

    you look like you are having a fabulous time

  11. Patsy & Howard Benfield permalink

    Aloha Dr. E & Claire, So pleased that you are getting to spread your wings after being confined & put through this whole ordeal. Seeing your great pictures reminds me of all those postcards that were posted in your office before retiring………We are so happy for you. Safe travels and keep in touch. Love to you both, XXXXXX Howie & Patsy

  12. vicki melendy permalink

    Jim, this is fantastic! I’m so happy that you are doing so well and enjoying some very much deserved travel. Thank you for sending out these email updates. I’ve read every single one, and I’m sorry that I didn’t respond more. Of all the people on your email list, I should know better than most, how boring even the best of days are, and I’m ashamed of myself (although I should probably cut myself some slack for a couple of months at least…). Love the pictures! Hope the rest of your trip is safe, and relaxing and wonderful. Hi to Claire….you deserve a wonderful vacation too! Love to you both, Vicki

    Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2013 02:51:56 +0000 To:

  13. Sarah Engelman permalink

    What a great trip so far. Great photos. I love Chicago too. Can’t wait to hear about the next leg of your journey. Miss you.

  14. Linda Bobbitt permalink

    So glad you are feeling better. The road trip sounds like you are having a great time. We did that about 4 years ago and just loved it. We loved the Bad Lands they are amazing. Hope you can come back to work at least part time soon. We miss you and love you. Dennis and Linda

  15. Mike and Dante permalink

    Dante and I are so glad you folks had such a great road trip! You both deserve it–and much more future fun–for what you’ve gone through. Can’t wait to see you next time you come through LA.

    We’re so glad you are doing well and feeling better.

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