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9 months 20 days

April 27, 2013

Its been a while since I’ve written.  I suppose the pendulum swings of my physical, emotional, and spiritual state that have been the inspiration and genesis of my writings have abated.  Also, the last month has been packed full of things that needed to be done because my oldest son, Sam, got married at our house last Friday, 4/19.  I worked on the house and yard daily for the month prior.  Also, in early April I spent 5 days in San Francisco attending the annual “American College of Physicians” meeting at the Mascone Center.  It was nice to emerse myself in didactic medical education with 10,000 other internist from around the world.

The wedding was great.  The weather was perfect, the food wonderful, and the bride and groom speeches were heartfelt.  If I say so myself, the yard was beautiful with the Wisteria and rhododendrons displaying their colors.  Claire added splashes of anemones, toad flax, ranunculus, delphiniums, and so on.  It was a comfortable size about 55 people, mostly family and some of their close friends.  The only snag was that two nights prior to the wedding we were burglarized and woke up the next morning to find our laptops gone and Meg’s (Sam’s wife to be) purse gone.  The Sheriff came over and we spent the morning changing passwords etc….  I am now a believer in doing a back up of data and locking our doors.  Thank heavens no one was hurt and they didn’t take anything else.  The loss of  photos is disappointing but putting it in perspective, it’s minimal.  I think the worse part is the feeling of being violated and safety concerns.

In general, I’m feeling good and my recovery is proceeding.  I’m still careful (probably not as careful as I should be) when I work in the garden and go out to public places.  I have periods of fatigue but overall, no complaints.  I go back to the City of Hope in early May for a routine visit, and I hope my doctor will take out her crystal ball and give me a hint of “what’s to be”.  HA! but we can dream.  At the medical meeting in SF I went to a talk given by an Infectious Disease Specialist concerning the immune compromised patient.  He mentioned that in BMT patients their immune system is never normal but the first 2 years are the worse.

So, I’m trying to stay active, play my flute, and take advantage of my time while I’m not working.


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  1. Dan Scharlin permalink

    Jim, I’m so glad to hear that you are doing well and continuing to play the flute. I hope to see you at a workshop one of these days soon.

  2. alexis permalink

    you are doing an incredible job on your road to recovery 🙂 . keep it up

  3. Charlie Young permalink

    You sound like your normal to me! Great job on the road back.

  4. Ron and Merrilyn Marker permalink

    What a nice upbeat update. I have been worried because we had not heard anything from you for a while. So nice to know that you were too busy to write. I am so glad you are starting to be able to do all the things you love. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers. By the way – Ron finally retired 2 weeks ago at the young age of 78. So far we are having great fun.

  5. Linda Bobbitt permalink

    So glad to hear from you was getting worried since we haven’t heard from you in quite a long time. Good to here that you are doing better and can’t wait to see you again. Are prayers are with you always. Keep up the good work. Linda and Dennis

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