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One more thing

March 8, 2013

I want to acknowledge my oldest son Sam who is starting Neupogen injections today in preparation for being a bone marrow donor this Wednesday for a 55 year old male in Europe.  What a Mitzvah.  Also, it’s my wife’s birthday.  Life is good!


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  1. Esther Levandoski permalink

    WOW, that is quite impressive that Sam is doing this. And give a birthday kiss to Claire for me.

  2. Jimmie Wood permalink

    Sounds like all y’all are flying!

    Peace Brotha


  3. Duffy permalink

    Sam is an impressive guy! Hugs and kisses to Claire.

  4. permalink

    Hi, Jim.

    Yeah, how wonderful that Sam is doing this.

    Happy Birthday to Claire.  My birthday is 2 days later on the 10th.

    Let’s get together to celebrate.  Are you available on Sat the 16th?

  5. Vicki Melendy permalink

    What a gift that Sam is giving this unknown recipient! I get choked up just thinking about it. Hopefully they will meet someday.
    Jim, its always good news that a medication is being reduced and/or being discontinued. SO glad you’re doing well!

    Lastly-Happy Birthday, Claire!

  6. marc yellin permalink

    wow….what an honor….mazel to all!!!

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