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8 months and 1 day

March 8, 2013

I’ve been waiting to get the results of my recent bone marrow biopsy that was done last week at City of Hope  before I sent out this blog.  In general I’ve been doing OK.  The chest and lung pain that I had in January and February seems to have abated over the last 2 weeks.  Sometimes things just take their sweet time and we have to be patient.    After a multitude of test and medications, I’m still unclear as to the exact etiology.  Anyway, good ridden.

I received a short message on my cell phone from the doctor yesterday.  She said my biopsy was good and showed a chimeric ratio of 99% donor (my brother) and 1% me.  There has been a steady increase in donor engraftment with time.  YEA!!  She said I could decrease one of my immune suppressant drugs, Sirolimus, to 1mg/day and any decrease in medications is always good.  But, she also mentioned that my marrow was a little hypocellular for my age.  I’ll need to ask the doctor the next time I see her exactly what that means.  Also, I’m curious about the 1% of my cells that just don’t seem to want to let go.  Are they a clandestine malevolent clonal cell line or just some tough hanger oners that need more time to go away?

On my last visit to City of Hope she also said I could fly, like in an airplane.  You never know when they want to get rid of you and take you up to the 6th floor and say “it’s OK, you can fly now”.  I think the better part of valor is to wait till after the flu season.   So, bit by bit, progress is being made.


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  1. Alexis permalink

    That’s amazing news!

  2. Charlie Young permalink

    Flying! that’s a great milestone. Hope to see you guys soon.

  3. Julie Dresner permalink

    good to hear that all is along in a good direction. I also had a chimeric ratio of 99% vs 1%. I too hung onto that 1%- why aren’t I perfect. Doc laughed and said that was perfect. Holding on to some of my own was a good sign that I was fighting .. So you are doing well.

  4. You are the million dollar man, I doubt they’re going to boot you off the 6th floor now! love, CW

  5. Van Tunstall permalink

    Glad to hear that you’re getting better! I’ve been following your blog and you have a second career as a writer.
    I miss our yearly meetings- other doctors don’t shame me into good health like you did. Hope you’re out on your Hobie cat again soon! —

    Best regards,

    Van Tunstall

  6. Duffy permalink

    I appreciated Julie’s comments in response to your blog. Perfection is over rated.

  7. marc yellin permalink

    all sounds good. take it and smile…
    also, pull my finger, please

  8. Linda Bobbitt permalink

    Can’t wait until you are all better. We miss you sooo much.
    Hang in there!!!!:) 🙂

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