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Day 115

October 30, 2012

Hi Everybody,

We’re packing up and heading back home tomorrow.  Yea!!!  Its been 4 months here at the COH and I have to say there is a little anxiety about leaving the nest.  Having the hospital a couple feet away is a nice security blanket not to mention the nice warm weather.  My bone marrow biopsy came back showing a definite positive trend in all parameters.  Essentially, my brother’s cells are dominate and my cells are decreasing.  It’s not 100% but with time, it will be.  My peripheral blood count is still lowish and pokey but it’s good enough to leave.  I’m immuno suppressed and susceptible to virus and fungus so I’ll need to avoid groups of people and public places for a while.  Re entry to normalcy is going to be with baby steps.  I’ll alternate visits to Stanford once a week with visits to the COH for a while.  Still on meds and will be for a while.

Thanks to everybody for all the positive thoughts.  You don’t know how much that helped me through some pretty rough times.  That doesn’t mean you can stop, keep ’em coming.  If I have to play this game, then I want to load the dice as much as I can.

Is it chance that the giants won the world serries and I’m leaving tomorrow to come home.  I think not.  Lets go Giants!


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  1. David Berkey permalink

    Way to go! Fantastic. Will be directing much positive energy Westward…

  2. alexis permalink

    that’s awesome news! fantastic for you 🙂
    i don’t think it’s a coincidence

  3. rose marie cardona permalink

    Spectacular News…You and the Giants all coming home and all winners. God Speed in your continuing recovery and conquest. Hank and Rose Marie


  4. Esther Levandoski permalink

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Maybe you and Gerry can carpool to Stanford?

  5. Evelyn Skipper permalink

    Dr. Engelman:Great news!Please tell Claire to call meif I can be of help.688-4125 (unlisted).–Evelyn

    Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 01:04:02 +0000 To:

  6. Steve Robbins permalink

    Absolutely wonderful Dr. Engelman. Congratulations on another major step forward. Being home will be great for your family and you.

  7. Chip Goldeen permalink

    Dear Jim,

    Great news! You should be home in time to watch the Giants victory parade in S.F. on tv Wednesday. I’m watching the 49ers beat Phoenix thru the first half so far tonight. If you need anything in Aptos when you get home, let us know, we would be happy to get it for you. Have a good trip home tomorrow.


  8. laura maslon permalink

    bravo! you are going home! that’s wonderful. we are so relieved. much love and our prayer continue. laura & jim

  9. Mike Spellman permalink

    Welcome home! I’m sure things will improve rapidly once you return home. Being able to eat salads, fresh vegetables and deli sandwiches should do wonders for your appetite. I am sure you will agree: “We are both lucky to be alive”.

    Mike Spellman

  10. Harvey Rudman permalink

    great news, look forward to seeing you at home. m HR

  11. Jim Melendy permalink

    I hope the drive is pleasant and uneventful. Welcome home!

  12. Ron and Merrilyn Marker permalink

    What wonderful news. You are amazing. Enjoy the drive home. Ron and Merrilyn Marker

  13. Chandra, Satish permalink

    Jim What awonderful news? We have been praying for your recovery. Come home and we will see you soon. Satish


  14. Diana Wilson permalink


  15. Jimmie Wood permalink

    Go with God dear boy! Life’s STILL a day at a time . . . As it always has and ever shall be!


    Jimmie & Laura

  16. Brent permalink

    FABULOUS !! JUST SIMPLY FABULOUS ! A very difficult and frightening ordeal for everyone. Please keep posting your status.

    Congratulations to you and Claire for a task well done.

  17. Buzz Harris permalink

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…. Abandoning the City of Angels one more time.. I never get used to it. And how about those Giants,, , winning two of three World Series??????? Who the hell are those guys? Buster Hyman as catcher,, what kind of name is that ? Pablo Sandoval? he makes Prince Fielder look like a Weight Watchers ad…. If you’re not laughing brother Jim, then you need to stay at COH another week,,, but I know you are,, you and I will always be 12…..

  18. Ann S. permalink

    Ain’t nothing like home sweet home! Enjoy – and don’t overdo!


  19. Lorna permalink

    I am so happy for you, Jim, and Claire and your family and the great community of people who love you! Have a safe, joyful trip home. I look forward to seeing you soon! Lorna

  20. WOW!! Wonderful news. That makes my Thanksgiving. I don’t need anything more to be grateful; for. You are a miracle and I can hardly wait to see you in July. Warmest Hugs I’m home from world travels and in re-entry.

  21. Dante & Mike permalink

    Congratulations, Jim! What fantastic news. We were just up in the Bay Area this weekend and the weather was beautiful… you will love being home in time for a gorgeous fall. We will find a time to visit next time we are up at Stanford too. Hugs (from a distance), Dante & Mike

  22. marc yellin permalink

    MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!

  23. What fantastic news Dr. Engelman so glad you will be in your own home and out of that hospital. Don’t over due and be very careful. Can’t wait to see you as soon as you get all better. We have missed you and are still Praying for you each day. Dennis and Linda

  24. Charlie Young permalink

    Hi, Jim and Claire! Welcome back! Now, knowing you the worst challenge is going to be to STAY PUT at home. I’m sure that the state of your beautiful garden is NOT up to your standards but you’re going to MODERATE your efforts. Go ahead, Claire. Now is when you chime in and say Sun-Ah knows her friend Jim!

    Yeah, let’s go Giants. I was rooting for the Giants in the 4th game and I wasn’t. You see, Brian got a gig to work the retail stores at the Giants stadium during World Series. So, I was in some way hoping for the 7th game with Giants coming away with victory. I know talk about wishful thinking…

    Please let us know when we can visit. Can you eat curry?

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