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DAY 105

October 19, 2012

I’m back in Hope Village and feeling better.  The pneumonia is much improved although there is residual weakness and fatigue.  I drove to Rite Aid and Ralphs to pick up a couple of things and when I returned, I found myself in need of a little nap.  It doesn’t take much to wear me down.  I have started my walks again and some stretching but due to a low platelet count, I’m avoiding resistive exercises.  I lost another couple of pounds in the hospital but I must say the food isn’t quite Chez Claire.  I was concerned that my appetite was gone but Claire made a wonderful dinner that I scarfed up Tuesday night.  Some good news is that I’m mostly off the low bacteria diet but still have some restrictions like no salad bars or buffets with food under heat lamps.  I had my first fresh salad on Wednesday and it was delightful and today some strawberries.  It’s the little things in life that count.  I asked about wine and beer and was told not yet.  It can’t hurt to ask.  They have liberalized the wearing of my mask to public places where there are a lot of people or if it is windy or the air is dirty.  Common sense is the name of this game.  It’s a return to normalcy,  slowly stretching the limits, inch by inch.

The next milestone is the bone marrow biopsy this Wednesday the 24th.  Until I get those results which will probably be the following Monday the 29th, I just have to take it easy and hold tight.  Right now the weather is beautiful, mid 80s in the day time and 70s in the evening and the air is clear.  It really is quite nice.


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  1. Great news, Jimmy! Shrewww .. I’m glad you were able to get a cottage. Don’t stretch the limits too far! I get to see your beautiful, Naomi in a few hours. Can’t wait. Shabbot Shalom

  2. Jimmie Wood permalink

    Welcome back to Hope Village m’brotha! Prayers for Wednesday’s biopsy.



  3. Holly Bengtson permalink

    Why they made salad bars exactly nose level of kids?!?! It’s been 12 yrs and I STILL HAVEN’T gone to one! Beer tastes good, though! Ha. You’re gettin there!….slow n steady :). Isn’t it the truth that it’s the little, “normal” things that mean the most? You’re the best! Your friend, Holly

  4. Charlie Young permalink

    I know how you love your fresh salad. Glad its back on the menu.

  5. Lorna permalink

    Delighted to hear you are back in the cottage and eating fresh salad and yummy food prepared by Claire! Sounds to me like each small step you are taking is an enormous step. Pneumonia would wipe anyone out. Your energy will return. Grace and I are looking forward to playing trios with you again!

  6. Ann S. permalink

    Doc, so glad you’re back in your temporary home . . . and out and about in the world. Hoping for good results from the upcoming biopsy.

    Did a quick trip down to Santa Barbara this week & thought of you. Thurs evening was warm and Friday beautiful. Drove home late Friday through intermittent clear, mist & fog. Pulled into my driveway a little after 1 on Saturday morning to find that Aptos had enough “mist” in the gutters to be dripping down the spouts with a little gusto. You can say goodbye to your burmudas and hello to your long johns when you get home.


  7. Linda Bobbitt permalink

    So glad your getting better. Will be praying for your biopsy to be great!!!!! We miss you so much and can’t wait until you are back. I know you wish the same. You don’t even know how much you are missed. I didn’t ever think that I could miss a doctor as much as we miss you. Your the best so nobody else can ever replace you. Just rest when you need to and don’t wear yourself out. So glad you can eat food that tastes good to you. Smile alot that always makes me feel good. All our Love, Dennis and Linda Bobbitt

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