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DAY 90

October 4, 2012

Just when I thought I was home free….  Sound familiar?  Over the last couple days I’ve had some chest pain with deep inspiration and a little short of breath.  Two nights ago the pain (10 out of 10) really bit me and I had a fever to 101.3.  So, yesterday morning I called the triage nurse at the COH and after she admonished me for not coming in the night prior, I proceeded to their urgent care unit and spent the next 8 hours doing blood test, waiting, CT scan, waiting, pulmonary consult, waiting, and finishing with IV antibiotics.  I have to remember that I’m more like an infant that can crash and burn rather suddenly and with little warning.  Anyway, I have some sort of consolidation, presumably pneumonia, and I just had a bronchoscopy in the hopes to determine the etiology.  Thank God it wasn’t bad enough that I needed to be hospitalized.  I don’t feel bad except when the pains hits.  When it does, look out!  Very uncomfortable is an understatement but with time it passes.

I’m not sure what this is going to do to my tentative plans for discharge 10/14.  I’m scheduled for another bone marrow biopsy 10/12, a week from tomorrow but plans can change.  Like the old saying, “life is what happens while we’re making plans”.  I’m seeing my regular doctor, Dr ‘O, this afternoon and I’ll just have to take it as it comes (I’m full of one liners).  I know it’ll all work out.  I’ll be back in Soquel but I’m not quite sure when.

In the meantime, I’m going to go to a lecture on Myelodsplastic Syndrome tonight and tomorrow, COH is sponsoring a 2 day symposium between The US and China titled Stem Cell and Cancer Discoveries.  The speakers from both countries have very impressive Bios.  They have a brief description of the Guangzhou institute in Biomedicine and it is impressive.  The lectures are very technical but I’m planning on dropping in and getting what I can, mask and all.  America has some intellectual competition but also collaboration in the science of tomorrow’s medical advances.


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    Hi, Jim.

    Darn!  Best plans for mice and man…  You hang in there. 

    Much love,

    Sun-Ah and Charlie.

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    Jim, I hope the lecture is inspirational in a way that new scientific information can be, especially to someone who is living the process. We continue to hold you and your family in our prayers and look forward to seeing you in Soquel/Aptos someday soon. Please take care! Betsy and Tim Walsh ____________________________________

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