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Day 84

September 28, 2012
Any progress in the transplant world makes us feel good, a resolution of this symptom or that, loss of edema, growth of hair, increase in blood count etc… But I think it’ll be a while before I really feel home free, if ever.  I know on one hand that type of attitude could be interpreted as a downer but for me, it helps me stay in the “now” and actually blunts the impact of things when they aren’t going well.  I view them as temporary.  You may ask then how do I enjoy the good news if it is only for the moment.  Because I’m making up the rules to this game.  When good stuff happens, I really play it up and when bad stuff happens, I try to gloss over it and say “there is always tomorrow”.  Isn’t the human mind wonderful.
Sometimes I look at previous blogs I’ve written and I find I’m contradicting myself from one blog to the next.  Since I make up the rules to this game, I can also change them at any time.  In a way isn’t this more consistent with the life we live in?  The rules change so fast.  Isn’t the human mind even more wonderful.
I went to Kol Nedri Wednesday night.  I really enjoyed it.  I haven’t been to a service in LA in about 15-20 years.  It was the same synagogue I used to go to for high holidays, synagogue for the Performing Arts with Rabbi Telushkin officiating.  He has written quite a lot of books and is a very dynamic and engaging rabbi.  As soon as I entered, my mother grabs me and brings me to Rabbi Telushkin.  On the spot, he asked for my hebrew name and does a Mi Sheberakh which is a prayer for healing of the sick.   It was very powerful.  The melodies at the services really took me back in time.  I couldn’t help but cry because it brought back such fond memories of when my father was with us and we’d all be together as a family.

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  1. alexis permalink

    you’re in the home stretch uncle jimmy! 🙂 🙂

    that is wonderful how the rabbi did a Mi Sheberakh for you

  2. Melinda permalink

    Very wonderful Jimmy. Everything you write is so true, thank you for sharing. I remember services with Pops at that temple. Such good memories. Hope to see you in SC soon 🙂
    Love, Melinda

  3. Linda Bobbitt permalink

    Hi Jim, You have such a great sence of humor that it even makes me laugh when I read what you have wrote. You are a very special man and you have such great faith. I am so glad you went to service and your Rabbi was able to pray for you. There is something about pray that can heal almost anything. We sure do miss you and hope you keep up the good work so you can go to your own home real soon. All our prayers go out to you. Dennis and Linda

  4. Charlie Young permalink

    It’s been a long haul with the end now in plain sight! As you say its been a real mental game from within, but seems like the soul gets a good cleansing too. You’ve been an inspiration.

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