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DAY 76

September 21, 2012

Another encouraging clinic visit.  The WBC is at an all time high of 4.7 and the Hbg and platlets are low but stable.  The following may be a bit technical and TMI but here it goes.  Last Monday we did a test on the peripheral blood  draw called STR, single tandem repeat.  We did this about 2-3 weeks ago.  It’s a QPCR-CD3 and QPCR-PB Engraftment analysis.  Doesn’t that sound impressive and high tech?  Well it is.  I tried to look it up on line and in a medical information web site called “up to date” but to no avail.  I’ll need to get over to the medical library here at COH where I’m sure I’ll find some information.  QPCR stands for quantitative polymerase chain reaction and is a way of amplifying DNA.  My best guess is it analyizes  the DNA of the CD3 cells which are a type of immature T cell with specific cell surface proteins that further differentiate into different T cells that make up part of the immune system.   This test allows us to quantify what proportion of the peripheral cells are from the donor and the host.  I am not sure what PB stands for but I believe it reflects the total population of cells in the bone marrow and allows us to differentiate donor from host cells via DNA analysis.  It is either cellular genomics or cell surface antigens?  Sorry if I got a little academic.

None the less, the numbers look good.  They continue to go up favoring the donor which is what we want.  The CD3 analysis was 98.7% donor and 1.3% host, me.  Last time it was 92% donor and 8% host.  The PB was 99.1%  donor and 0.9% host.  A 2 to 3% difference between a bone marrow sample and peripheral blood sample is normal so this is definitely beyond the test variability and suggest the donor cells are proliferating and engrafting.  In plain English, we’re on the right track and kicking butt!!  And to boot, I feel good and my hair is beginning to grow back.


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  1. alexis permalink


  2. laura maslon permalink

    That sounds so positive. so you are greeting the new year, with a new head of hair. How great! my love to you and claire. we will all keep on praying that your recovery continues this way. all the best, laura and jim

  3. Julie Dresner permalink

    great news Jim.. keep up the good work- you’ll be home
    before you know it.

  4. Charlie Young permalink

    Way to go for the graft team! Kicking butt for sure!

  5. rose marie cardona permalink

  6. Ann S. permalink

    Well just plain YEE – FREAKING – HAW!

    I have no idea what most of it meant, but am sure that feeling better and kicking butt is medically acceptable jargon.


  7. Robin permalink

    Yay yay and yay!!!!!

  8. Lee & Gwynn permalink


  9. Chip Goldeen permalink

    Sweeeet Report—keep those kind rolling!


  10. permalink


    I’m sorry to say that Charlie has no chance of hair ever coming back.  Ha, Ha

  11. bob engelman permalink

    Great news Talk to you tomorrow Shave your head!

    Sent from my iPhone

  12. Such good news! We keep praying for you to have a full recovery and are able to come home soon. You are suce a positive person and make me feel good. So glad that you are feeling better. It all sound good what I can understand of it. All our love and prayers to you, Dennis and Linda Keep up the good work.

  13. Everybody get on your feet
    We’re doin the dance that can’t be beat
    Take off ur shoes, throw them away
    Comeback and get them another day,

    We bare footin
    We bare footin

    Now get down and give me a push-up dog !

    Boo! Lovin your spirit young man.
    Lovin you.

    No fasting


  14. Chip Goldeen permalink


    Your progress sounds great! Each day gets you closer to coming home. I was overseas for work the last 2 weeks, and it was definitely nice to get home. Even though you have made the best of it down there, it will still be great for you to be in your own house. The Giants did really well while I was away, I guess I missed some great games, but at least I checked the box scores on while I was traveling. Hope you are wearing a Giants hat to protect your head! I just saw Dr. Morgan Magid to have my normal summer “burn-offs” done—I should wear my hat more often too, even while surfing. Morgan is a great Dr. and a great guy, just like you, and he never chews me out for not using enough sunscreen or wearing a hat—he leaves that chore to Lisa—which she does well. Stay strong.


  15. Duffy Grant permalink

    Great news Jim,
    Can’t wait for you to come home.
    Duffy and Stephen

  16. Holly Bengtson permalink

    Maybe PB stands for “peripheral blood”? Too simple? Ok then, how bout “peanut butter”? Haha. Love your posts!!!! Thank you so much!! From your friend, Holly

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