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Day 38

August 14, 2012

It’s day 4 of being in my new digs at the COH village.  I’ve included some photos.  One looking at us sitting in front of the cottage and one looking at our view from inside the cottage and out our window.  I’ve been expanding my repertoire in a lot of ways, stretching the envelope.  Last night, Claire made some oven baked home chicken and brought some potatoes from our home garden and made some Yukon Gold Mash Potatoes.  Unreal, I felt I had gone to heaven.  After what I’ve been eating, this was a major breakthrough.  It was like I got my taste and appetite back and my GI tract had no complaints.  Heck, who could ask for anything more!

Yesterday was also the first day I’ve taken out my flute and practiced a bit.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it  would be but I have a slight tremor when I fatigue and all the drugs I take dry my mouth and makes it hard to play some notes in the upper register.  If I practice every day, I think it’ll come back pretty soon.  It made me feel good playing an exercise that Nina taught me, my friend and flute coach from Humboldt and some Bach,

Today, was the first day since leaving the hospital that I’ve had a blood test and saw my doctor.  This will be a regular routine every Monday and Thursday for the next 2 months.  One of the benefits of being so close to the clinic is I don’t have to drive and can avoid the notorious LA freeway.  All n All things are moving in the right direction.


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  1. Randy Danto permalink

    Congrats Jimmy and Claire. Sounds like it’s a whole new world for you guys now. I’m so glad!

  2. marc yellin permalink


  3. laura maslon permalink

    saw your mother today at the beach. she is hopeful as are we all. things are going in the right direction. i think you should publish all this. it’s so beautiful the way you write. continue on this upward path to getting out of there. laura

  4. “Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins W/Scales and Etudes”…v.vinikow 1954

  5. Larry Levin permalink

    Keep the good news coming. It is easy to take things for granted until something turns our world upside down. I am working on appreciating the simple things in life.

  6. Thinking of you Jimmy! Naomi said she had a lovely time down there. Glad to hear things are going well. We miss you!!
    Melinda and Todd

  7. Charlie Young permalink

    I want some of those potatoes too!

  8. alexis permalink

    wow! love the pictures- it looks like such a gorgeous location.

    glad to hear things are on the rebound

    miss you lots,
    love ,

  9. Satish permalink

    You look great. Can’t wait to see you in Santa Cruz.

  10. Ann S. permalink

    Even the mask can’t conceal the smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes! I’m so happy for you and Claire. Ann.

  11. permalink

    Gee, Jim.  You’re handsomer bald!

    We were tickled pink to see your new dig – yeah, heaven is right compared to the room arrest you’d been on.

    When we see you in Sept, we are expecting at least a one piece concert.


    Sun-Ah and Charlie.

  12. Lorna permalink

    Great to see you playing your flute again! I can feel southern California in those photos. Glad you were able to experience chicken and yukon gold mashed potato heaven, thanks to Claire. It must feel wonderful to be able to enjoy food from your garden again.

  13. Nina Haedrich permalink

    Hey, great hand position! Is that a gold flute you’ve got there Dude? Hold beuatiful long tones to re-build breath and embouchure muscles and stabalize air stream and tone quality. What joy to see this photo

  14. Clarke Parsons permalink

    Hi Jim, I really appreciate all of your postings. You have really been through it, but now you are on the mend. Great!!.The pictures have beem great, your wife great, and a very nice center. I certainly miss you up here. Be back soon.

    Your friend, Clarke P..

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