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Day 25

August 1, 2012

Progress is happening before my very eyes.  My blood counts are climbing and with it, my energy.   I was napping all day but these have decreased.  I started physical therapy 2 day ago and I’ve also started walking in the halls, about a mile a day.  I think my bowels are calming down a bit but that is still my greatest nemesis.  My appetite and ability to eat food is improving.  They’re slowly weaning me off of IV meds and giving me pills.  All in all, I’m moving in the right direction.  If things continue and I don’t get hit with any of those GVHD land mines, I might get discharge from the hospital mid to late next week and move into one of the COH Cottages.  That stage of the BMT process has its own set of challenges.

So, you can imagine that most people here at the COH consider themselves special.  The majority on the 6th floor had some form of leukemia and now they’re doing the BMT.  When we meet in the hallway, there is an automatic bonding, like you’ve just met a person from your native planet, an addition to a special club.  It’s pretty easy to recognize a kindred spirit.  We’re all quasi human looking but we are bald and dragging arround a weird appendage, an IV poll with a bunch of IV bags going into our PICC lines.  We all have 2 birthdays, the second is the day we get our stem cells.  Mine is July 6,2012.  If the initiation to this club wasn’t so awful I might consider it an interesting experience.  This experience has been a real game changer in terms of what is important to me, what are my priorities in life, where do I put my energy… I have been given the opportunity to be more than the person I was.  Now, all I’ve got to do is figure it out and do it.


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  1. Betsy Walsh permalink

    Jim, We have been following your progress and are very happy to hear you are out and about, getting ready to move into one of the cottages. We think of you every day. I will look forward to hearing about your flute playing in the hospital or in the cottage. A little Mozart, Haydn, Debussy, Beethoven, and yes, Bach!!!, is good for everyone.

    Tim and Betsy

  2. George permalink


  3. Julie Dresner permalink

    Congrats Jim.. you’ve come along way. Have you met Gary Stromberg? He is also on the 6th floor post-transplant. He and I met through an old friend of mine. He has great spirit and drive.
    Keep up the good work.. You are on your way.. best, Julie

  4. Chip Goldeen permalink

    Yeah baby! Great news. Keep getting stronger.


  5. Alexis permalink

    That is awesome that you are making south progress 🙂
    Tell your body to keep up the great work

  6. Lorna permalink

    I am delighted to hear all the ways you are coming back to life, and also your reflections on the meaning and value of your experience and that of your “second birth” companions. Great to hear you are walking a mile a day. It must be wonderful to be able to move again after all you have been through and wonderful to feel your energy returning.

  7. Esther Levandoski permalink

    So glad to hear that you are doing so much better. It sounds like you are the BMT poster boy!

  8. Charlie Young permalink

    Its been an inspiration for me to hear about your experience and thoughts on life. Thanks Jim. Looking forward to meeting up with you when we come down for a conference on September 15th. Keep getting back in shape!

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