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Day 16

July 23, 2012


It’s a new me, I’m coming out so get ready for clean head Jim.  This shedding of hair gets ridiculous so might as well engage reality head on with a buzzer.  It’s a new sensation, a little cool up there without hair but all my hairless comrades say you adjust.  Good news is my  hair should grow back and my WBC is 0.6 and  daily.  My doctor believes I’m on the course of engraftment and healing.   I’m still limited to my room but I can see the day when I’ll be released.  What a long strange journey this has been and I’m sure there are probably some surprises down the road.

Kind of funny how some of those old music lyrics from the 60’s,70’s,80’s have taken on a new meaning since getting a ticket for this ride.  I am truly living most of my life in the NOW, unfortunately.  Of course, what can one expect when you can’t even leave your room.  But there is one little issue.  Every morning I hold my breath and look up at the small chalkboard on the wall with trepidation to see what is my daily WBC count.   For example, this morning it went from 0.5 to 0.6.  I was in heaven.  Then I start thinking, what will happen tomorrow?  Up or down?  Hard to get past some of these old habits.

good night everybody, stay healthy and be happy



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  1. Robin permalink

    Woo Hoo!! Reese says you look handsome! xoxo Love to you!!

  2. Harvey Rudman permalink

    Jim , I see wrestling in your future

  3. Charlie Young permalink

    People have suggested I go all the way with a buzz cut too, but now you have gone ahead of me. Hats off to you Jim. Yes, I think the WBC we be right on course. You sound more upbeat and that makes me glad. Charlie.

  4. susan garfield permalink

    Go Jimmy Go Saw the Dark Knight last night at the Academy. It was much better than the last one.
    Cheap Date Night. Grand Total Spent 0. I guess we won’t be playing this week since bob and sarah are in the cheese state. You sound good and we”ll see you soon.

  5. Jim and Carol Weir permalink

    Clean-head Jim. Sounds good and looks good. Carol and I have been following your blogs–and your progress–and both of us have been amazed by your positive attitude through all this. May your numbers continue to rise!

  6. Esther Levandoski permalink

    Yeah, I am glad to see your WBC going up. Freedom is in sight!

  7. Brent permalink

    With a slightly different hat I think you are ready for the remake of “The King and I” and giving Oscar winner Yul Brynner a run for his money. Or, maybe take Yul’s place in “The Ten Commandments”

    I like your new look! – – – and you are sure to get more respect and better tables at restaurants.
    It looks like things are finally going in the right direction for you.

  8. Alexis permalink

    That’s incredible news that your WBC count is increasing

  9. Charlie Engelman permalink

    Great news Jimmy! Love the new look! GOOOOOOOOD LUCK!

  10. You look MARVELOUS without hair. Not everyone can carry that look off ! Keep all that good news coming….Love hearing it !

  11. Patty Albrecht Amodeo permalink

    Dear Dr. Engelman: I’ve thought about you, I’ve asked about you, I was at your office today for my yearly physical. I missed you, Fran Albrecht (as told to her daughter who’s typing this)

  12. Lorna permalink

    Great to see you smiling with your newly bald head! Wonderful news about your blood count! Lorna

  13. Chip Goldeen permalink


    I would send you a Giants cap, but I am afraid in LA Dodgers land, if you wore it down there your nurses might turn cranky—and you don’t want that, so we better wait until you come home. Watching the Giants and Padres right now— Giants are ahead 4-0. Great to hear your numbers are going up, you’re about 1/3 of the way there. Hang in there it’s going in the right direction.


  14. Dante brown permalink

    Hey Jim, how about a big sombrero while you are here in mariachi land? We are so happy to hear your good news and love the photos. Keep it coming! Mike and Dante

  15. Eli permalink

    Hey there uncle Jimmy, I am so happy to read about your positive blood count. I have always been fascinated by the art-like quality of music and its tendency to seem to change with our life experiences. It’s so wonderful that music has the power to aid us through trying times.
    P.S. the new look is awesome.

    With love, Eli

  16. You look great Jim!

    Love, Melinda

  17. Duffy Grant permalink

    Good Morning Jim,

    Your clean shaven head brings out the best of your fine features. Don’t let any of your family members shave their heads in support. It will steal your thunder.
    Steady progress sounds good to me. You have a large crew of people waiting and watching those WBC numbers with you. It is a funny group of cheer leaders.
    We really appreciate being updated on your progress.
    Much Love,
    Duffy and Stephen

  18. Sarah Engelman permalink

    Jimmy, I love the look. Thinking of you every day. Love, Sarah

  19. Nina Haedrich permalink

    Bravo bravo!! 0.6 is a strong performance. Take a 2nd bow and get back in bed. Everyone from the Chamber Music workshop is rooting for you. My warmest Hugs Nina

  20. Howard Mcghee permalink

    Let’s go SUPin. You’ll love the zeniness of it and you’ll only get stronger. Glad I found your blog

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