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Day 8

July 14, 2012

After 61 years, I really thought there was nothing new under the sun.  I was wrong.  This is some what of a sexist experience but not by design.  It goes back to my arch nemeses, diarrhea.  Not to get too graphic but my Tucus has been on fire so the nurse recommended I try a Sitz bath.  As most women who have had children know, Sitz baths can cool things down.  Claire helped me set the thing up and said my eyes jumped out of my head when I initially turned it on.  It felt like cool little fingers messaging the tucus.  A new experience in my book, sort of kinky but it worked.

The transplant doctor says all these ugly things will go away once the donor’s stem cells start making WBC.  That usually is between day 10 and 14.  Right now my WBC is almost non-existent at 0.1.  I’m  really looking forward to having boring days and nights.


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  1. Alexis permalink

    Keep thinking positvely. I’m sure your body will be Pumping out those WBCs in no time 🙂

  2. Robin permalink

    Sounds refreshing! 🙂 Great seeing you today! Love and Hugs!!

  3. Chip Goldeen permalink


    I just sent you a gift subscription to MLB Live so you can watch baseball games on your computer or iPhone or iPad or iTouch. You will have to set the account up on your computer and any other devices you have, but then it should be good to go. MLB will send you activation instructions, if you don’t get them or have any problems setting it up on your computer, let me know and we will get it working. I hope this helps pass the time while you are getting well! The Giants just won tonight in extra innings and Tim Lincecum finally pitched a good game. Keep your chin up!

  4. Charlie Young permalink

    Keep doing the sitz baths, even a shower with just water running makes a immediate difference. Rooting for your white corpuscles!

  5. Lee & Gwynn permalink

    Oh Jim…I remember those days, 36 years ago and it is refreshing!! never thought I would talk about it again, but you just never know.

    We are in Germany at a youth hostel with our Rotary students. They are all having a great time and we are sleeping in bunk beds that are too tiny even for us shorties. We have one more week and will be staying with our German hosts. Looking forward to seeing Lee’s 4th cousin in a few days in Yach and catching up.

    Thinking good thoughts for your speedy return to heath.

    All the best Lee & Gwynn(the one who had the sitz baths)

  6. Lorna permalink

    Hi Jim! Glad to hear you were able to get some relief and hoping that by the time you read this, the D word will have made it’s retreat and all the boredom you could desire is giving you an opportunity to rest while those cells get busy moving you in the direction of vibrant health! Good to hear you being open to all the new experiences this wild ride is bringing you. Love to you and Claire, Lorna

  7. Ann S. permalink

    Doc , have been waiting to send you this video. It’s so worth it! Turn up the volume. Hope you’re feeling better. Ann

  8. Linda Bobbitt permalink

    Well her I am again. Hope those WBC get started real soon as I am sure they will. Just another 2 to 6 days and you will be getting better and them maybe you can start to walk the halls of the hospital. I bet you can’t wait to get out of that place. As one of your other patience said I’m not ready to look for another primary physician. All of prayers are with you and Claire. Love, Dennis and Linda

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