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Day 7

July 13, 2012

This is the darkest time in terms of the BMT.   It’s expected to feel poorly due to the Chemotherapy and death of the blood cells.   Usually around day 11 to 15 the donor cells have engrafted in their new home and start proliferating.  The first sign is that all those nasty symptoms start to abate.  I get more energy and appetite and less nausea, diarrhea (yuck) etc… and my WBC starts to increase.  I’m currently at 0.2 which means I have no protection against bugs so I’m locked in my room and not even allowed to wonder the halls.  To say this is a humbling experience is an understatement.  The picture was taken on day zero.  I was still naive .

I’ve met some really caring wonderful people.  The staff have an incredible connection to working at the City of Hope.  Many of the nurses had family members or friends who have received transplants.  This disease puts all of us on the same playing field.  How can I not feel a kinship with another person who is walking around with an IV pole like in the picture and knowing what they have gone through.   It truly reveals the best side of humanity.   I’m grateful in that I have such great support.   Somebody is with me all the time.  They have to put on mask and gloves to keep their germs to themselves.  This is a no sharing game.



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  1. Alexis permalink

    Stay positive and strong . To quote harvey dent from the dark knight “the night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you the dawn is coming”

  2. Brent permalink

    Having an eye for the unusual, a closer look at the photo reveals someone hiding behind the instruments or you are hiding a female body in black shoes that will be taken to the dumpster later. Which is it, Jim?
    I do sympathize with the part about the yucky diarrhea – – – – that is the shits!
    Hang on and hang in because I’m not about to start looking for another primary physician yet.

    • Hi Brent,The mystery girl is Claire, my wife. She has been with me the entire time sleeping on a cot in the room. A real trooper. My ultimate plans are to go back to work part time and ski in Tahoe, no jumps please.Say hi to VickiJim

  3. Esther Levandoski permalink

    WOW, that is quite a rig. Hope it energizes you and your white blood cells. Glad you have so much support. From personal experience,
    I know it is priceless. When we are better, we will be down to see you also (probably a couple of months from now).

  4. Charlie Young permalink

    Yeah, I see the mysterious girl with the black shoes now. Could be I was distracted by the awesome displays of the machinery and drips. You’ve probably been tempted to play with the buttons in your idleness, but probably know better. Keep up the spirits, and we’re all thinking of you. Charlie and Sun-Ah.

  5. Nina Haedrich permalink

    Hi Jim — I caught up wth you and your “adventures” via this blog today. Makes me realize how precious life is that you/we are willing to pass voluntarily thru hell to get back to life. I hope you see lots of sets of footprints; I’m walking with you and I know there must be so many others who are addicted to the light of your being. Love Nina

  6. Linda Bobbitt permalink

    You look good. It is so nice to see your face. Sorry I haven’t seen this before today. I also hope you see alot of sets of footprints. Our prayers are with you and can’t wait until you are all better as I am sure you can’t wait either. We love you Jim

  7. Harvey Rudman permalink

    Dear Jimbo, Keep on Keeping on. Hope your are feeling better H&K

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