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Day 3

July 10, 2012

I’m confined to my room unable to leave till my WBCs return to normal.  Today they’re at 0.8 so I have a way to go.  Until my WBCs normalize, I’m a sitting duck for all sorts of things like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other nasty organisms.  Claire, my mother, and LA family members have been coming around keeping me company.  OT and PT come every other day and we do exercises with hopes to maintain some body conditioning.  Anybody who enters my room has to dress with mask and gloves.  The word is that it’ll take another 2 weeks before I’m able to be released from solitary confinement and can walk in the halls.   Till then, it’s survival.  The newest challenge to show itself is the dreaded diarrhea.  I hate diarrhea!  It’s such an affront on my dignity.  But nature doesn’t care about my particular wants.

So, I keep my sanity by living one day at a time.  Knowing this to will pass.  Little reading, little TV, computer stuff, and my best friend, sleeping.


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  1. hey aren’t I suppose to be your best friend?! As per his nature jim has all the nurses in stitches. Even with the intestinal complaints. the staff here is incredible! and Jim is a real trooper. love cw

  2. Robin permalink

    Sending love and Reese giggles your way Jimmy! Love you!! xoxo

  3. Charlie Young permalink

    I have some inkling of what you mean with the diarrhea when i take my colchicine for my gout attack – number 2 and number 1 feels about the same, but the clean up is not :). Gross, but I am a doctor and specifics are in my nature. Thanks Claire for affirming Jim is his old self keeping people around all in stitches. Charlie.

  4. Dante brown permalink

    Hey Jim, we’re sending all our best wishes and many “virtual” hugs your way. We’re sorry you have to go through this. Can you take phone calls, or not just yet? Dante & Mike

  5. Jimmie Wood permalink

    Press on dead lad! Your sense of humor’ll take you a long way. Blessings to all Engelman’s & Witherspoon’s! Power to the WBC’s!!!

  6. Alexis permalink

    Kewp thinking positive thoughts and the WBCs will be back to normal in no time! I’ll send you some up lifting local music and some of my recordings to keep you in good spirits -alexis

  7. Ann S. permalink

    Ah, the dreaded D. Of all the possible side effects you’d mentioned – a veritable alphabetical wonderland – I was hoping you could sail past some letters. On the upside, as you get older, you’ll come to understand that dignity is overrated. Ann

  8. Dr. E….Keep those possitive thoughts going !! Wish we could take on some of your side effects for you, but no one has figured out how to make that happen yet. Glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor ! Lots of Love and well wishes sending your way…Kris and Bob

  9. Linda Bobbitt permalink

    Hi Jim, Just as I thought you have a great sense of humor and I bet you make everybody laugh. As much as you can that is. Hope you keep getting better fast. Just remember Believe and them Trust and you have it made. We love you and miss you so when you get home let us know. Dennis and Lindda

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